I’m the Queen of Oatmeal

When you wake in the morning, how do you feel? Do you hate the day, are you blessed, are you tired?

I woke feeling sluggish, alive, messy. Sometimes I’m a morning lizard, scaly and bad-breathed. Fine. Let’s start with that.

It’s Thursday. This morning I crept out of bed, in underwear and bra, and made dark chocolate oatmeal. Because it makes you believe you deserve to be both rich and healthy. Like one of the celebrities. Cameron Diaz. A lizard too, but a Hollywood one.

Do it. Go make yourself a breakfast you enjoy. I dare you! Eat it in bed, as I did. Actually enjoy it.

You know, this is your life. You’re in it right now. Even before the coffee. So start appreciating it before you’re dead. Just sayin’.

For a few moments this morning I felt like the Queen. The Queen of Oatmeal.

Do I deserve to be the queen?

When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? Or allowed yourself to recognize that what you’re doing IS nice and not sluggish or wasteful or self-indulgent. Like, never. Amiright?

So maybe it’s self-indulgent. Sometimes that’s OK. If I could I would feed my dark chocolate oatmeal to everyone. I would spoon feed it to you, even. Open your mouths, my baby lizards.

But not this morning. This morning I’m taking a moment for myself.

Other mornings? Oh Lord don’t get me started. Other mornings, those assholes:

-Waking up at 6:00am, rushing, a whirlwind. Out the door. So many obligations. No food. A water bottle.

-Waking at 10:00am, hungover, a Saturday or–wait, what? A Tuesday! How did that happen? For shame. Orange juice. Greasy potatoes. Where’d my other sock go?

Pay attention to how you feel in the morning. Did the night before change the outcome of your morning? Was it worth it? Hopefully. Not every morning can be great, or even nice. Some mornings are jerks. I hate those guys.

But when you get a nice morning, a pleasant moment, remember it. The Queen of Oatmeal says so. And she knows. Or is trying. Which is often the best we can do.

Yes, even for a queen.


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