What Makes You Laugh? Also, Ouch.

So my neck was a little sore. Why not go clam digging? Why not muck stalls at horse stables?


So my choices are not always perfect. Days later I woke up in so much pain I could hardly move. 

Now my neck has been injured for a month. It’s getting better, but just a week ago it was so bad I couldn’t move without screaming a little. It goes without saying I couldn’t drive and couldn’t help out around the house. Jon did everything, aside from carrying me to bed like a toddler. 

I was broken.

You spend your whole life trying not to be broken. Look how whole and complete I am!

I’m now aware of how often I look left and right. A lifetime of looking sideways, trying to see what might be coming.

Now I can only look ahead. Literally.

Maybe I haven’t been broken all along. But I feel more broken than usual. And I thought of the people I know who are in constant pain–physical, emotional, whatever. How they’re not heroes but just people out their doing their best to get by and maybe even excel a little.

Good for them. But today I’m not them. Honestly I don’t even know that I’m trying my best today.

This morning I’m just happy I can laugh without pain. Because, for a week, it hurt like hell when I laughed. So that’s what I’ll do. I’ll read Mark Twain. I’ll watch Family Guy–because yes, that show makes me guffaw like a nut. Or I’ll just listen to Jon making puns.

Today I’ll laugh out loud. Because I can. And maybe you will too.

What makes you laugh? I’m an easy laugher, I’ve been told. Lately I’ve been snort laughing. An embarrassing addition to my geekhood. But life is just so messed up and hilarious a person might go crazy if they don’t laugh. Ha. Snort.

2 thoughts on “What Makes You Laugh? Also, Ouch.

  1. Have you been seeing a chiropractor and/or physical therapist? I used to be in so much pain, I couldn’t even lay down to sleep without shooting pain. chiropractic care is what worked me out of that. Just a suggestions.

    As for what makes me laugh…. mostly other people laughing. If there was a movie where the only thing shown were scenes of people laughing, I’d be laughing so hard I’d be crying. I don’t know why it works that way.

    • Sorry you can relate to that kind of pain! Glad you feel better now though. I’d seen a chiropractor after a car accident a few years ago. This time my doctor suggested physical therapy, so I found a place but it’s looking like my insurance won’t cover as much as I thought :( Still working on it.

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